50th anniversary of the Moonlanding

It is now 50 years ago when our speakers Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon. The biggest achievement of mankind. Neil was vaem and humble. We remember him with joy. Come celebrate with us at Kennedy Space Center on July 20th.

Neil Armstrong and our founder Chris Engleus in 2006

Michelle Obama en route to Europe and Scandinavia

In April 2019 Fr First Lady Michelle Obama is on her way to visit Europe and The Scandinavian Countries. Her visit is a part of the book releasing tour for her biography "Becoming". Will she "become" the next presidential candidate in 2020 and challenge President Donald Trump? Something many are wishing for. (ref LiveNation)

President Obama made successful tour in the Nordics

President Obama visited all Nordic Countries in September, except Sweden. The tour was very successful with more than 7000 people in the audience in Helsinki, Finland and more than 3000 in Oslo, Norway. He also made an unexpected but very nice stop in the beautiful little town of Kolding in Denmark before he took off for The Netherlands. We hope to see him in Sweden soon. (ref Business Kolding, Denmark)

The wonderful IKEA-founder Ingvar Kamprad has passed

One of the world's most successful businessmen of all times has passed. He was always humble and a true gentleman. We will forever remember the nice contact we had and save the sweet and very long letters he wrote.

His legacy is carried on by his three lovely sons; Mathias, Peter and Jonas and we wish them the very best of luck (ref Private)