World Speakers Forum is the European market leader in speaking events since 30 years.

We are Your channel to the World's leading speakers - from Astronauts, Scientists to Nobel laureates, CEOs and entrepreneurs.

We are renowned for having worked with many of the finest speakers on the planet from Neil Armstrong to Jeff Bezos, Philp Kotler and many others.

Our concept is creating or co-producing Europe's most successful business seminars and events.

Our clients have always enjoyed, appreciated and relied on the safety and comfort of our service.

We are represented in several European countries with offices in London, Zürich and Stockholm.

In the Scandinavian countries we are proudly represented by Informationskollegiet since 1990.

Please get in touch - we would love to work with You!


Photo by NASA.

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HQ Reception and Switchboard in World Trade Center open daily 08:00 am - 5:00 pm

HQ London: +44 20 3287 2600

Scandinavia: +46 8 654 3400

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